Sharing Ideas

KSA Rubrics Tech – 12-13 Teacher Self-Assessment Tool

UBD Unit using Layered Curriculum

21st Century Skills for Elementary Students – A Check Sheet

12-13 School Improvement Activities – A Timeline

Genius Hour Project Proposal and Contract / Letter To Parents

This idea was borrowed from Kirsten Tschofen (@KirstenTP) and her blog post at SOMEWHERE FROM HERE

Transforming a School Library to a Learning Commons Guiding Questions

Learning Commons Readiness Checklist

Probationary Teacher Portfolio Questionnaire


3 thoughts on “Sharing Ideas

  1. Nancy ALvarez

    Can you recommend a Coaching book for a book study?


    • Jim Knights'”Instructional Coaching” or the one by Robert Marzano. Recommended by our division principal of curriculum, Lorelie Lenaour.


  2. Gene

    Greg, I have found your work through researching 21 – Transformation and other key words. 21 Ts To Transformation was just released and I would like to forward you a copy.


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