When I’m Gone…

When I’m gone I hope my life was worthwhile, one that left a positive impression on those who knew me.

I hope people will see that I’ve raised a good family; children who work hard, enjoy life, and do a good job of raising kids of their own.

I hope I’m remembered as someone who was not afraid to try something new, even if it meant moving away from something that was already working just fine.

I hope I will be seen as someone who was a friend of the environment, doing my part in leaving a vibrant world for generations to come.

I hope that I will have found a way to make my career one that not only helped myself and my family, but improved the quality of life for many others.  

I hope they say I was a man of integrity, one who was respectful but always did the right thing.

I hope that in the end I have left far more in this world than I am taking with me.

When I’m gone I hope my life is celebrated as one that made a difference in this world.

Rest In Peace, Dad.

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2 thoughts on “When I’m Gone…

  1. Well done Greg. Very profound. You are a great role model for not only the the students you serve, but your colleagues as well.


  2. Tina McDonald

    That was a beautiful tribute to your dad.


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