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Finding My Voice


Over the Christmas break I have been spending quite a bit of time with my Twitter PLN, trying to figure out whether or not I should be committing some of my time to the blogging experience.  You see, I started blogging a few months back by sharing some of the findings of  my graduate studies research project and then the monthly message from my school newsletter.  It was all fine and dandy but as time passed I felt as though I was wandering aimlessly, with no real meaning to my posts.  Other than being able to say, “Look at me, I’m blogging”, there was not much purpose or conviction to my words so after a few weeks I stopped blogging all together.

During these last few days I’ve been reflecting on and reading the blogs of many excellent educators I follow on Twitter.  I must say that I feel ill-equipped to write at this level.  However, the more I read one thing has become clear.  All great bloggers have a voice; something they really believe in and are committed to.  Whether it be transforming education, inclusivity, or a particular subject area, every successful blogger has found their voice and is sharing it with a great deal of passion.

Through reflection I am ready to recommit myself to blogging, and in doing so will share the great things that are happening at my amazing little elementary school every day.  Upon returning to school next Monday I will endeavour to share examples of excellent teaching and learning through this blog.

Let’s start with this. Here is a link to my school website and a review of some of December’s events.


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